Internet Of Things (iot)

Our Product:

Home Automation

With the IoT(Internet of Things) we can automate existing things and can operate from anywhere in the world. with this, we also can monitor or control automated things from anywhere in the world. With automation, we get many benefits like,

  1. Cut costs
  2. Reduce manual errors
  3. Reduced workload
  4. Reduce Waste
  5. Reduce Production Cost
  6. Identify unused resources
  7. Save money even while sleeping.

Titan’s Technology is a leading firm in which we provide IoT services and products, which runs very efficiently and smoothly with affordable price. Security is a very important factor in the field of IoT, So we never compromise with it and provide full of security and privacy to our products & services with easy integration.

We have developed best products like Home Automation and Smart Gardening Pot for home gardening. Some products are going to be launching soon.

Upcoming Products

Home Automation

We are upgrading our existing product Home Automation with new variant.

We are upgrading these product with some amazing features such as,

1. Fan Speed Control, in this feature you can control and set the speed of fan from the application.

2. Light Dimmer, We have developed this amazing feature for you with this feature you can control the light and dim it according to our mood.

3. Voice Control, With the help of voice control feature(Alexa) you can control all appliances from the instructions that you give through your voice.

Smart Gardening Pot

With Smart Pot you can take your home gardening to another level.

Moisture level, ph value all this stuff you will view on the app so you can take care of your plants and grow them very well.

You can view your plants status on the application and you can moderate all your plants from anywhere in the worlds.

Note: If you have an suggestions or queries feel free to contact us.