Smart Sensor     

2ltr. Capacity

Easy To Carry     

Leak Proof   

Fully Automatic 

                                                                  Table Top And

                                                         Wall Hang Both



The above line states you don’t have to touch anything for sanitizing yourself.

We have solved the problem which is to touch bottles or sprays for sanitizing hands with our product called as automatic hand sanitizer machine or you can call it as a sensor based touchless automatic hand sanitizer dispenser.

The machine has some unique features like you can mount this machine on the wall and also you can place it on the table surface.

This machine dispenses 5ml quantity at one time after it senses hand and this quantity is adjustable as per customers requirements.

customers need not take tension of leakage as the machine is leakproof.

It avoids so much wastage of sanitizer because the machine stops dispensing sanitizer for 2 seconds after each dispense.

This machine comes in 2 variants, one is 2liter capacity and the other is 5liter capacity of the machine.

It has a body of mild steel which is not heavy thus it is easy to move the machine from one location to another location.

This machine working is simple and does not consume much electricity as it is working on 9volts 2amp dc supply.

We have Settled this machine price low to help people maintain hygiene for themselves and their surroundings to fight with covid-19.