Fully Automatic   

Easy To Wash

2 & 5 Flavour Variants

5ltr. capacity each flavour 

Leak Proof         

Parcel Mode


Nowadays in this covid-19 pandemic hygiene is very important and for that purpose, we developed hygenic automatic vending machine for fluids which is the very best option so customers need not worry about hygiene and enjoy the test of street food with hygiene.

We developed this Automatic fluid vending machine in 2 variants which are 2-flavours machine and 5-flavors machine which is completely touchless. All flavors have a storage limit of 5 liters per flavor and can be modified as per requirements.

This machine has some unique features like cleaning mode with this feature you can clean this machine. You can clean this machine from both sides which are inside and outside of the machine with ease.

In this machine, you can easily change the containers of flavors to wash or change.All the material used in this machine is foodgraded.

The automatic vending machine is completely leakproof so you need not worry about the leakage of any liquid.

Automatic fluid vending machine is designed very compactly as compared to the capacity of flavor so the machine is very easy to move to any other location.

It will not cost you more electricity as it works on 12v 2amp dc supply and also you can run this machine with battery.