Home Automation System


Control from any location 

5 virtual switches

600 watts capacity

Easy Installation

Live feedback 


Integrate with existing switch

Home automation system is used to monitor and control home appliances such as lighting, climate, entertainment systems, and appliances and it also includes home security features such as access control.

Now days This Home automation is the biggest emerging trend and we have developed the best automation system .

Titan’s Technology Home Automation system ensures safety, security, comfort, convenience, and energy efficiency to enrich the living experience for our customers. Our system offers voice-enabled control via Amazon Alexa.

Our system enables Smart Application-based control switches, lights, fans and includes monitoring of home appliances.

We developed this system in a way that allows users flexibility and also allows them to easily adapt this system.

With this system, users will able to control and monitor home appliances through our app or voice control via Amazon Alexa.

We have developed this system with awesome and exciting features that fulfill all your wishes and requirements of the smart home.

We Provide 5 virtual switches which you can easily integrate with existing switches to control home appliances from any corner of the world and our system has a capacity of 600watt per board.

You can set the timer to switch on/off appliances from our app which is provided free of cost.